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The Asian American Bar Foundation of Houston (AABF), incorporated in 2005, is the non-profit, charitable, and educational affiliate of the Asian American Bar Association of Houston (AABA). The AABF’s mission is to educate and serve Asian American lawyers and communities in the greater Houston and surrounding areas.

AABA of Houston and Asian American Bar Foundation of Houston
Stand in Solidarity with the African-American Community

June 8, 2020

We express our sincerest condolences to the family of George Floyd, a fellow Houstonian. The troubling circumstances surrounding the taking of his life, along with similar senseless incidents at the hands of law enforcement against the African American community, have set off a flashpoint for our country and our collective conscience. Mr. Floyd’s death deserves a thorough legal investigation with full accountability by the law enforcement officers involved.

The Asian American Bar Association of Houston (the “AABA of Houston”) and the Asian American Bar Foundation of Houston (the “AABF of Houston”) stand in solidarity with all communities of color. We mourn not only the tragedy of Mr. Floyd’s death, but stand with the many others in this country who have been and are currently victims of social bias and institutionalized intolerance and hate, especially as it pertains to abusive and discriminatory law enforcement practices. As advocates for the Asian American community, we choose to take a stance in the face of any form of systemic injustice and bias that manifests itself in the disparate treatment of minorities.

We are aware that two Asian American officers were present during the charged crime and remains troubled that their inaction and silence contributed to Mr. Floyd’s death – which has reignited tensions between the African-American and Asian American communities across the country. We are committed to remaining vigilant and vocal about ongoing discrimination and systemic bias towards all minorities at all levels of society and we are committed to building cross-racial solidarity to address and fight institutional bias at all levels of civil society.

To that end, the AABA of Houston and the AABF of Houston will not be complicit to these injustices by remaining silent and we proudly stand in solidarity with the African-American community. We will answer the Houston Bar Association’s call and accept the responsibility to be engaged in this important issue and will do our part in contributing to meaningful dialogue about issues such as institutional racism, implicit bias and criminal justice reform.

Together we stand.


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Judith S. Kim                                                  Joyce Kao Soliman

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